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Jackets available with digital transfers in London

Jackets are the most practical way to uniform staff in the winter months and now with the diverse range of technical jackets and soft shell jackets on the market you will easily find the most appropriate jackets for your working environment ensuring your staff are smart, comfortable and warm.

Soft shell jackets have really taken the industry by storm by providing a smart technical material that is breathable, waterproof and windproof and due to the different layers of membrane and material treating means this jacket is very versatile and can be employed in a number of different industry requirements. Company logos/corporate ID digital transfers can be printed over these with ease.

Traditional Jackets

We also have a range of more traditional jackets that are also more technical with fabrics being breathable and waterproof as well as some being windproof as well. These jackets are very robust and designed for the winter months and many industrial applications. The jackets come in different styles such as the very popular bomber jacket style as well as the warm ¾ length parka jacket. 3 in 1 jackets have also become very popular due to the versatility of the jacket having a zip out fleece which can be worn on its own, zipped into the jacket or by wearing the jacket on its own.

Please find our Soft Shell Jackets as well as a link for more traditional jackets on our online brochure. Call us now.

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