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Snug Fleeces for Your Staff in North West London

Fleeces are one of the most popular ways of providing staff with outerwear garments. They can be worn on top of Polo shirts in Autumn but also provide an extra layer in the winter and can be worn over a Polo shirt and sweatshirt to provide a layered effect keeping the warmth locked inside.

They are very warm and comfortable and yet allow for a great range of motion when working outdoors. Fleeces can also be decorated with embroidery on the left breast and back to promote your company.

Fleeces have come a long way and now come in men’s and lady fit as well as micro fleeces which are smart and fitted, along with quilted fleeces and breathable layered fleeces. Please look at our online brochure to see the whole range and find the one that fits your company’s requirements.

To place an order with us please drop us a line or email us with any query. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and helpful staff.

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